Merlins Beard . Core . Perception

Serialized Fields

Passive Range :: float
Passive Arc :: float
Gizmo Color :: Color 32
Layer Mask :: Layer Mask
Target Found :: Target . Target Event


Search For Closest Target ( )

This method uses an Overlap Sphere filtered using the Layer Mask to find all the Colliders within the Passive Range. It should also filter by the arc but this functionality does not exist yet. The Colliders are evaluated for Targets of an Enemy Faction. Any that are found become potential targets and the range to the Target is calculated. The closest Target is set as the current Target to the Focus.

Unity Methods

Start ( )

Retrieves and stores the Target component on this Game Object.

On Draw Gizmos ( )

Draws a wire sphere around this Game Object showing the passive range of Overlap Sphere used to identify Targets.