Voxel Watching

I should note that I did not make this art. It was provided by Rick Davidson for the course. Pretty fun stuff though. GameDev.TV provides a mini Voxel course that I’ll take later. I’ve added some bullets using the Synty Studios Particle Pack featuring FX_Gunshot_Heavy_Repeating_Tracers_Impact_01. Here are the adjustments I made to create the effect […]

Breadth First Pathfinding

First Attempt Ok, so I already know the wave algorithm for shortest path, so I plugged it in prior to watching the video. Let’s see how it compares: This particular algorithm starts at the end point and sets the neighbors. It requires hitting all elements in the dictionary for each exploration value until all waypoints […]

Grids and Texts and Things

So in video 126, Ben drops a TextMesh to use as a label on a cube and I think “why not a TextMeshPro?” Answer: Because it doesn’t just work out of the box. TLDW: Change the Shader on the TextMeshPro game object to: TextMeshPro > Mobile > Distance Field Overlay [SelectionBase] is brilliant. It’s going […]

Argon Assault Level Showcase

As you know, I’m working through the Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D course and I’m getting ready to rock the Timeline videos here but want to showcase the level that I redesigned after seeing Rick’s work in 112 and 113. Alicia and the girls all tried out the previous level and they all commented […]