Ammo Use: Laser Rifle

Energy Ammo Component First, this thing probably needs to have most of its functionality abstracted into a base class called Ammo. There’s a lot going on here that any kind of ammo could use. Of note are the exposures of several private fields via public getter properties. This was necessary because the Weapon is being […]

Basic Attack Mechanism

It’s a frickin’ laser beam! Handling the Input What I thought I needed to deal with: What I actually needed to deal with: The short of it is that everything is an axis in the Input Manager which apparently means that everything returns data from Get Axis Raw. The Attack Sequence The goal of the […]


The Ammo component was added to the Gun prefab variant and Ammo’s Fire method is called from the Weapon’s Attack Started event. The Raycast to Target, Sound FX, and Visual FX method calls were moved from Attack Started to the Fired event. Out of Ammo and Reloaded will be used for effects and sounds related […]

Sound and Light Experiments

I decided to try something different for the foot step sounds. For the gunshots you’ll recall that I used a dynamic ring buffer that instantiated prefabs of the sounds that were disabled after a time. This time I’ve placed all of the audio sources under the Dragon to start with. I still use a ring […]

Animation Adventures

Nothing ever works out of the box. True Story. Here’s how to make Mixamo animations work when you import them into Unity. TL:DW here’s what you need to do: Download and import the FBX animations you want to work with. Highlight the lot of them. In the inspector, click Rig and then set the Animation […]